Steven Roach is a supposed creator or co-creator of Polybius.

Supposed InvolvementEdit

On March 20, 2006, a man under the name of Steven Roach made a post on telling the story of his involvement with Polybius, and how he hoped to "lay it to rest". He claimed to have been working for a South American company that wished to promote a "new approach" to computer graphics (probably vector graphics). The game was claimed to be very inventive and addictive but the graphics, through mistake rather than design, were dangerous and prompted epileptic fits. The product was recalled, the subcontractors (Sinneslöschen) were disbanded, and the program was lost.

On April 26, 2006 Duane Weatherall of (now interviewed Roach after he posted this message on another forum. The Roach story contained a number of inconsistencies: some of it seems to be directly sourced from Wikipedia, such as the suggestion of Cyberyogi's involvement, which was the product of extensive searching through Usenet archives on the part of a Wikipedia editor. The interview also included some of Roach's background, including the revelation that he comes from Rhyl, Wales, and a possible recreation of the storyline. Polybius will be contained a mystery; for now...

Link to Steven Roach InterviewEdit